Potty Training Method: Are you Ready?

It may sound like a funny question to be asking because it’s the child that’s being potty trained. The reason I ask this question is because many parents will jump into this without fully giving it their all or being truly prepared. You must be willing to follow it completely and to be mentally prepared for what will come.

You must mentally and emotionally be prepared to have an ugly mess on your hands - changing potty nappies is much easier than changing potty underwear. Potty training is going to be one of the most emotional, stressful, frustrating and difficult things you will do in a very long time.

If you’re a working mum (or Dad), you will need to take time off from work. You will need around three days to work with your child. It’s important that you focus on the one child being potty trained and not get distracted with any other children. This isn’t always possible but it does help. You really do need to give your child 100% of your attention. Please do not start this method until you are completely prepared for this. Starting this method and then giving up in the middle of it will send mixed signals to your child. When you start, you must not quit.

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