Good Tips For Potty Training Girls

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Good Tips For Potty Training Girls by Ben Adams

You are folding laundry one day, putting away your socks and underwear with your constant helper by your side. She says "Mommy's Panties?" to which, if course, you tell her, yes they are. Then comes the question you've been waiting for...she asks where her panties are. You get a big grin; she is ready to start potty training, right?

The answer is "Maybe". There are a few things to keep in mind if you are getting ready or thinking of potty training your little girl.

The first thing to consider is, if she is ready or is simply wondering about what Mommy does and wears. Pushing her to train when you are ready isn't going to do any good at all. Most children will be ready between eighteen months and three years of age. Of course, this is a guideline, not an absolute. Your little one may be early or later than these ages.

How do you know if she is ready? Well, does she stay dry for at least two hours? Does she make a specific face when she needs to go? Does she start to fidget? And the big one- does she ask to wear panties? These can all be signs that she is ready to learn.

There are several thoughts as to how to speed up the process of training. Using diapers that pull on and off like underwear, but have the benefits of diapers. Maybe you should try training pants that look like panties, but act like diapers, pulling moisture away from her skin. Should you go straight to panties and let her know what being wet feels like?

The answer is different for every little girl. If she shows interest in her own panties, by all means, let her. Take her shopping; let her pick out her own designs. She may think the ones with fish are the cutest when you would have picked out butterflies for her.

One of the best ways to get her to use the potty is by giving her plenty of choices. While in other situations, choices may not be a good thing; here it may be what gets things moving. Let her chose if she wants to use the big potty or the little one. If she wants panties or pull up type diapers with her favorite character. She may change her mind several times during the course of making the decision or even through the day.

Watch for fidgety moments when she is playing. Ask her if she needs to go. If she responds that she doesn't, give her a few more minutes. Then check again. This time you may want to let her know it is time to go instead of giving her the option.

Dress her in loose fitting clothes so she doesn't have to mess with buttons and zippers. Also, be sure to teach her how to wipe, wash up and flush when she is finished.

The main thing to remember is to have patience with her. While it's second nature to us, she needs to learn how to tell when to go potty.

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Thanks for the tips. Starting to potty train our second child, I agree
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