Potty Taining Method: Pre-Training Prep Work

There are a few very important things you will need to do to make sure you have potty training success:-

1) You will need to pick the week when you know you will have no interruptions. You will need at least three days to dedicate to this so arrange with your spouse or other family members to take over the other household duties. so you can focus on purely potty training.

2) A week or two before you start this potty training method you should start to appear disgusted out when you change your child’s nappy. Say things like yuck, ewgh, sticky and make funny faces like you can’t stand the smell. Don’t laugh about it even if your child does. It’s suppose to be disgusting.

3) If you have used other methods and have not had success and are now trying this method you will need to give the potty training a break first. Stop talking about the potty and using the potty. Only let them use it if they ask. Just give it a break. Start fresh with this method after a couple of weeks.

4) Again, be mentally and emotionally prepared for this. Be ready to be consistent. Potty training requires a good deal of patence, consistancy and encouragment.

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