Potty Training Method: What About Pooing?

Potty training for “pee” and “poo” should happen simultaneously as they will be taught the same way and at the same time. However, some children have a hard time with going to “poo” on the potty when they are first potty trained. If the regular method doesn’t work for the pooing part, try the following: Sit down with your child and have him help you make a chart. Tell him that you will give him a star for each time he goes poo in the potty. Let him know that after he gets 10 stars he will get a “….” (Make it something he really wants.) Stay consistent, give a high fiber diet to help keep things from getting “tight” and to catch them in the act each and every time.

With any and all “pooing” accidents you should really overreact to the mess. Overreact more then you do about the wee messes. Make sure to keep reacting to the mess the whole time you are cleaning it up. Don’t make them think you are upset with him, but that you are disappointed about having to clean up all that mess.

Potty training for poo should be eaiser than potty training for wee once your toddler gets the idea and you should have less "didn't get to the potty in time accidents", hopefully.

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