Potty Training Method: Tips

If your spouse wants to help or you want your spouse to help during the three days of training, please make sure you are both on the same page and both understand the method. Consistency is important, regardless if it’s with mum or dad and the child needs to see and understand that.

As noted earlier, if you have tried any other methods or have used pull-ups in the past, you should take a break from potty training. Give it a couple of weeks without pressure and then start fresh. You can let the child use the potty only if they ask while you are waiting to start. Again it’s so important to stay close to the child through the whole potty training process. You must catch the child in the act of going every single time. The more you catch the child the faster the training will go. Some parents are worried that they aren’t seeing in progress during the first or second day. That’s ok, but still remember to stay consistent. It will click in a few days.

Don’t let your child run around naked during potty training. It doesn’t help and it’s teaching a bad habit.

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