Potty Training Method: Items Needed Before Starting

You might already have these items in your home. If you do, that is super. If you don’t have these items you can easily find them at your local discount store.

Potty Chair – some kids like a potty chair but most of my kids have preferred the big toilet. You can also try a potty seat to put on the big toilet.

Training pants - You probably need more underwear than what you think. You will need at least 20 pair. Do not purchase Pull-Ups as these are a waste of money and will confuse your child. If you’re going to use this method you can not use Pull-Ups. You also need to make sure you buy regular underwear, not the padded kind. Training pants will also confuse your child so please do not purchase these. You don’t need to buy all the same size underwear. You can purchase some that are a size or two bigger then what they need. After you are finished potty training you can put the bigger ones away until they grow into them. You shouldn’t be going anywhere during the three days of training and after the three days, there won’t be a need for anything like pull ups or rubber/waterproof unaware.

Wet Wipes - These are not a must but they do make clean up much easier. You don’t want to use or bring up the word “baby wipes” as you are training your child to be a “Big Kid”. You can buy these wipes and have them in the bathroom for a couple of days so your child knows those are big people wipes.

Liquids - Lots of liquids will be needed. Make sure to have plenty of your child’s favourite drinks on hand. You want to keep them drinking throughout the training. Water is always best and some parents worry about lots of sugar. If you are worried about the sugar then try sugar-free items. You child shouldn’t be drinking lots of milk during the process but if you can’t get your child to drink anything else then fair enough.

Treats - You will need to get snacks/treats. A salty snack sometimes help them drink more so you can also use bread sticks, crackers or celery filled with cream cheese.

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