Potty Training Method: Getting Started - Nighttime Training

About 2 - 3 hours before bedtime you will want to limit liquids or stop them completely. Have your child go to wee on the potty chair before going to bed for the night. You might have a little wait on your hands and some “role playing” before they go but once they go you can put them in bed then follow these steps:

• 30 minutes after your child has gone to sleep wake him/her and have them go wee and put them back to bed.

• Just before you go to bed, wake the child again and have them go wee again and put them back down.

• 30 minutes before your child usually wakes up in the morning, wake him and have him go wee in the toilet.

What these steps do is train your child to wake and go wee when he has the urge. You do not need to do these steps if your child usually wakes up dry anyway.

If the child does have an accident in the middle of the night, get up and change the sheets making sure to say ewgh! And tell the child to tell you when he needs to go wee. Put the child back down for the night.

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