Top 5 ways to reward your child for potty training success.

I don't know about you guys but I love this bit - celebrating success. Not only are you happy because of the successful event, but to see real joy on your little 'uns face when they realize just how happy they made you. And they get caught up in all the excitement too.

Now when it comes to the reward, well check out these top ten ideas on how to reward your child for potty success - no matter how small.

  1. GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!! This is great. Go bananas; celebrate like you are at a Tony Robbins event. And just see how quickly your 'todd' catches on that they did a good potty job!
  2. Sweets, snacks, treats - every kid has his favorite (my little 'un loves tomato's - weird). Let them have one - no make it two.
  3. Take them somewhere special. Not the park or somewhere you would take them anyway. but what about the zoo, seaside or in the UK we have somewhere called 'Brewster’s' - basically a food/pub with a massive adventure playground on the side, my kids love it
  4. Take the day of work and dedicate a whole day to having some fun with Daddy/Mummy. You'll love it almost as much as your kid - I guarantee it!
  5. Throw a party! OK might be going a little too far, but why not? You don't have to call it a potty training completion party, but what’s wrong with a bit of impromptu fun. Invite friends, family and the kids from his playgroup. Just you tell everyone you can how proud you are of your daughter/son and what a big kid they are now they can go to the toilet like big people. They will be the center of attention and they'll love it!

Dou you have any other ideas for celebrating potty training completion? If so why not drop me a comment here and I will expand the list...

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